Multiverse Expanded

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Multiverse Expanded

Jemima Brown, Ole Hagen, Alicia Paz, Plastique Fantastique and Kit Poulson

Multiverse Expanded is the expansion of an ongoing exhibition project instigated by Ole Hagen with Multiverse at Danielle Arnaud in London 2009 and its accompanying performance event Open Multiversity with the artists including Alex Baker at Swedenborg Hall. Multiverse Expanded opens at Akershus Kunstsenter in Lillestrøm outside Oslo in September 2011. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication with a new story by the Godfather of the Multiverse, Michael Moorcock.

The Ten Laws of the (Expanded) Multi-verse
(as understood by Plastique Fantastique)

  1. The Transcendental
    There is a transcendental that determines the logic of appearance of Worlds within the Multi-verse, but it is one that is re-written with every World that is born therein.
  2. The Not-One
    There is no One-verse (this being the negative expression of our creed).
  3. The Many
    There is only Multi-verse.
  4. Barren Worlds
    If a World is born with no possibility of decision (i.e. another World 'behind' this one), then this will be called a 'Barren' World, or simply 'a lament'.
  5. Pregnant Worlds
    If a World is born in which every moment calls for a decision, and, concomitantly, another World, then this is a fecund World, and it shall be called 'Pregnant', or, alternatively, 'the blade's edge'.
  6. Inform
    Once, when the Multi-verse was young and still chaos, there arose a figure undetermined by any transcendental. She was known as inform and her presence haunts the Multi-verse.
  7. Fictioning
    Each World deserves its own narrative, and make no mistake it shall have one whether it be bastard or true.
  8. Science
    The science of the Multi-verse cannot be understood as science. This paradox arises from the fundamental lack of consistency of the Multi-verse. (The only exception being a 'science of the subject' (see 9. Below)).
  9. The Doppelganger
    If such a thing as a Subject comes into existence (that is, awakes within a World), then it will double the World with its own articulation of the above.
  10. War
    There is no peace within the Multi-verse. This is an analytic statement that follows directly from the previous Nine Laws.

Coda: In a time as yet undetermined there will be written a further Ten Laws that will effectively - point by point - revoke all of the above. This will be called 'The Great Reversal'. This is not a law of the Multi-verse but concerns that which determines it.